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10 Diets That Simply Don't Work

Meals is crucial for all times. It is also important for happiness and feeling good about oneself, based on Kip Hardy, a registered dietician with Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Ga. She factors to the worldwide custom of sharing meals, comparable to with one’s household at dinnertime, with buddies on trip or going out for a meal with colleagues at work. Which means that meals can both assist join folks or divide them, and one characteristic of unhealthy consuming patterns or fad diets it they trigger isolation as a result of they’re so drastic. Bear in mind the Grapefruit Weight loss program that promised folks they’d drop 10 kilos in 12 days? It labored by dramatically limiting energy and carbohydrates. However it additionally induced fatigue and meal monotony.

"The hallmark of lots of fad diets popularized in the previous couple of years is that they cut back or improve the consumption of a macro nutrient — fat, carbohydrates and proteins — to the intense," explains Hardy. "You may’t take any considered one of these away to a big degree for a big period of time … it is simply not wholesome."

We notice that reducing weight could be the solely purpose of those diets for many individuals. Nonetheless, many of those diets merely do not work for an prolonged time period. After we say "work," we imply shedding the kilos slowly and methodically and with the ability to keep your supreme weight with out counting on extreme calorie restriction, sophisticated menus, costly capsules or dramatic meals limitations. It means discovering a way of life change which you could embrace. For those who’re one of many many individuals searching for extra info on the do’s and don’ts of weight-reduction plan, learn on to find out about 10 diets that do not work and why.


  1. The Acai Weight loss program
  2. Atkins Weight loss program
  3. Dukan Weight loss program
  4. Blood-type Weight loss program
  5. Cookie Weight loss program
  6. The Grasp Cleanse
  7. The HCG Weight loss program
  8. Uncooked Meals Weight loss program
  9. Zone Weight loss program
  10. The Paleolithic Weight loss program

10: The Acai Weight loss program

The acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry, as soon as a no-name fruit from the Amazonian palm, has in recent times soared into the world’s nomenclature for its well being advantages. It has been promoted for its excessive antioxidant content material and its capacity to enhance digestion, detoxify the physique and decelerate growing older. It is also develop into common as a dietary complement to advertise weight reduction [source: Zeratsky].

The acai weight-reduction plan grew to become common after Dr. Nicholas Perricone lauded the berry’s excessive antioxidant advantages on the Oprah Winfrey Present. There is not an actual routine for this weight-reduction plan, however the thought is to include these dietary supplements into your every day routine. The price of utilizing dietary supplements ranges from $40 to 80 every month, and they are often purchased in varied types, together with as a juice or capsule. Needless to say the dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration. And sadly, acai’s well being advantages, significantly these of weight reduction, have not been scientifically confirmed [source: Center for Science in the Public Interest].

9: Atkins Weight loss program

Want to try the Atkins Diet? Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to ward off potential health risks.

Need to attempt the Atkins Weight loss program? Be sure to drink loads of fluids to keep off potential well being dangers.


Is that this simply an excuse to eat bacon all day? Not precisely, however the weight-reduction plan works by requiring folks to drastically cut back their consumption of carbohydrates and substitute them with protein, whether or not it is bacon, cheese or eggs. The thought is that obese folks are likely to eat too many refined carbohydrates, or empty energy. With out carbohydrates, the physique will then start burning the fats that they initially produced.

Nevertheless, nutritionists and medical doctors are involved about a few points of this weight-reduction plan. The primary is a course of often known as ketosis — the place the physique burns its personal fats shops as vitality [source: Nordqvist]. The dangerous unintended effects could be halitosis, constipation and even kidney and liver harm (until the particular person consumes a number of fluids), since these organs should work additional time to course of the elevated ranges of protein. Lastly, carbohydrates have all the time been half a constructing block of a nutritious diet that results in sustained vitality and wholesome mind perform [source: Hardy]. With out carbohydrates, it’s possible you’ll be skinnier, however not essentially wholesome. After which what is the level?

8: Dukan Weight loss program

Assault, cruise, consolidation and stabilization are the start levels of the Dukan Weight loss program [source: Dukan]. These might sound extra just like the phases of a naval battle than these of weight-reduction plan, however they convey one level: Fats is the enemy and you are going to obliterate it. This is the way it works: Over a decade in the past, a French doctor named Pierre Dukan realized that if an individual’s meals consumption is restricted to principally lean protein, the kilos fall away. Sure, this will sound just like the Atkins Weight loss program [source: Zelman].

As with Atkins, nutritionists and medical doctors warn that by eliminating carbohydrates and limiting different meals, comparable to greens and fruit, you are additionally limiting your nutrient consumption. Moreover dietary deficiencies, you might also find yourself with dangerous breath, fatigue and kidney issues. The underside line is that whilst you might find yourself a couple of kilos lighter, do not anticipate to keep up this weight until you have all the time most popular consuming pork and oat bran.

7: Blood-type Weight loss program


Maybe this weight-reduction plan sounds possible because it mentions one of many physique’s most simple organic elements in its title — blood. Do not be fooled, although; there is not any proof that this weight-reduction plan works [source: Hardy]. To be honest, it hasn’t been disproved both. "From my understanding, well being and wellness was the first focus of this weight-reduction plan, and weight reduction was a pleasant aspect impact, when you’re in a position to grasp the meals restrictions," says Hardy.

The weight-reduction plan is predicated on the notion that meals consumption needs to be decided by blood kind (A, vegetarian; B, a balanced omnivore weight-reduction plan; AB, mixture of meals teams moderately; or O, excessive protein), and that meals proteins are digested otherwise relying on these varied blood varieties [source: Lam]. Thereby, well being issues may end up from consuming meals that is not nicely matched to your particular blood kind.

In the long run, the kind of weight-reduction plan that has confirmed to be probably the most wholesome and dependable requires a mixture of consuming all of the meals teams moderately and frequent, low-impact train.

6: Cookie Weight loss program

Dr. Sanford Siegal, the inventor of this program, baked up his personal model of a cookie, full with fiber and important amino acids, as a alternative for breakfast and lunch [source: Zelman]. All you could do is eat 4 to 6 (for 500 energy) cookies every day, eat a dinner made up of lean proteins and greens (300 to 1,000 energy), and voila! You are in your option to shedding kilos … not less than for the brief period of time you discover cookies an pleasing meal alternative.

One caveat, says dietician Hardy: Be cautious of any weight-reduction plan that pushes the advantages of consuming just one kind of meals or limiting your weight-reduction plan to some objects. Whilst you could possibly drop the kilos in a few weeks, you will really feel unhappy and be hungry incessantly. "It is the identical as Slim Quick," continues Hardy. "Who actually needs to drink a pair shakes or eat a pair cookies figuring out that you just’re lacking out on the chance to savor your meals and let it nourish you?"

5: The Grasp Cleanse

A little lemon juice, some maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper could be a winning combination if you want to lose weight like Ashton Kutcher.

A little bit lemon juice, some maple syrup and a splash of cayenne pepper may very well be a profitable mixture if you wish to reduce weight like Ashton Kutcher.


That is considered one of Hollywood’s hottest diets. Celebrities comparable to Beyoncé, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have waxed in regards to the fast weight-loss advantages of the Grasp Cleanse. The one drawback? This concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper was by no means meant as a weight reduction plan. As an alternative, it was created as a physique detox system to deliver the physique’s pH steadiness from an acidic state to an alkaline, or wholesome state [source: Master Cleanse].

Cleaning will help folks reset their consuming routine in the event that they’ve gotten into dangerous habits. And whereas it might make them really feel good, cleaning should not be used as a weight-reduction plan plan. It could possibly’t be maintained and the burden will return together with common meals consumption.

4: The HCG Weight loss program

Individuals will go to nice lengths to reduce weight rapidly, regardless of how painful or madcap the plan. This is the proof: The HCG weight-reduction plan includes every day injections or dietary supplements of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) — a being pregnant hormone that is been accepted as an infertility remedy, however reveals little proof that it helps folks reduce weight [source: Nelson]. The hormone coupled with intense calorie restriction is on the coronary heart of this weight-reduction plan. Sadly, extreme calorie restriction can have deleterious well being results, together with the shortcoming to meet one’s dietary wants. Additionally, hCG’s unintended effects might contain complications, fatigue, irritability and male breast enlargement.

3: Uncooked Meals Weight loss program

The Raw Food Diet may satisfy fruit lovers, but it could leave you lacking vitamins A and B12.

The Uncooked Meals Weight loss program might fulfill fruit lovers, but it surely may go away you missing nutritional vitamins A and B12.

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This vegan weight-reduction plan promotes the consumption of natural and pure meals comparable to recent fruits, coconut milk, pure meals, seaweed, dried fruits, grains, beans, nuts and greens [source: WebMD]. There are undoubtedly individuals who can eat uncooked meals for prolonged durations of time and be high quality and wholesome. However most individuals discover it extraordinarily restrictive and have a tough time getting sufficient vitamin B12 and vitamin A. The rationale for that is that some vitamins, comparable to lycopene (an essential antioxidant for prostate and blood well being that is present in tomatoes), aren’t out there till the meals is cooked. The identical goes for the iron present in leafy greens. "I might by no means, as a dietician, suggest that somebody observe a uncooked meals weight-reduction plan," says Hardy. "However, when you nonetheless resolve to, you must be very dedicated to meals preparation."


2: Zone Weight loss program

One of many simpler and fewer controversial fad diets, the Zone Weight loss program calls so that you can keep a set ratio of proteins (30 %), carbohydrates (40 %) and fat (30 %). This makes it simple to observe. Even so, nutritionists and dieticians worry that the Zone promotes consuming excessive quantities of saturated fats, which could be dangerous to your ldl cholesterol and may result in coronary heart illness over a protracted interval. This weight-reduction plan additionally fully ignores the truth that folks should still get hungry and lack vitality [source: WebMD].

1: The Paleolithic Weight loss program

The Paleolithic Diet could be worth a try if you love eggs and other foods that can be hunted, fished or gathered.

The Paleolithic Weight loss program may very well be value a attempt when you love eggs and different meals that may be hunted, fished or gathered.


This weight-reduction plan goes by many names: the Paleo Weight loss program, the Caveman Weight loss program, the Stone Age Weight loss program or the hunter-gatherer weight-reduction plan. No matter your choice, this consuming plan is predicated on the meals consumed through the Paleolithic period that ended about 10,000 years in the past. Which means that the prompt meals could be hunted, fished or gathered. This consists of meals comparable to pork, seafood, eggs, fruits, nuts and greens. Meals to keep away from embody grains, legumes, dairy merchandise, salt, refined sugar and processed oils.

The one downfall to this weight-reduction plan, says Hardy, is that after once more the meals limitations make it troublesome to keep up. There can also be issues with receiving all the mandatory vitamins derived from legumes, complete grains and reduced-fat dairy merchandise [sources: Zelman; Hardy].

Need to be taught extra about shedding or sustaining your weight? There’s tons extra info on the subsequent web page.

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