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Again 2 Fundamentals: Seated Dumbbell Press

Whereas some lifters are looking for new methods to coach and construct muscle, smarter athletes know to go along with what works. The traditional strikes are nonetheless as efficient at present as they had been within the early days of bodybuilding. A type of actions is the seated dumbbell press.

FLEX Social Media Director David Baye took time to share his phrases of knowledge about the way to execute this train appropriately. The 2-time NPC Mr. Wisconsin winner featured the seated dumbbell press within the latest episode of “Again to Fundamentals”. This compound train targets the entrance deltoids whereas the aspect delts and triceps are serving as secondary muscle tissues.

The Setup

Entering into a very good place is vital for this train. Baye suggests beginning the dumbbell shoulder press with the dumbbells on the knees whereas sitting on a seated bench. Utilizing leg drive to get them to shoulder peak is secure and environment friendly.

“What I love to do is get the dumbbells on every knee and one after the other, pop the burden up with the calf and the knee, get it into a gentle place, after which get the opposite arm up.” The dumbbells ought to be in your fingers above your shoulders with the palms going through ahead.

The Bench

Within the video, Baye is utilizing a bench with a full again pad fully vertical. He explains that this isn’t the one possibility you’ve got for doing shoulder presses.

“You are able to do a dumbbell shoulder press on a flat bench that doesn’t have a again pad in any respect. Personally, I really desire a bench with a half-shoulder pad in order that the highest of my shoulders are free to maneuver round.”

Type is Key

Now that Baye is ready up and able to start the motion, he demonstrates a number of repetitions with textbook kind. The lockout on the prime of the rep will be carried out a few other ways. One is with the dumbbells going straight up and down. Baye discusses the choice.

“Some individuals wish to deliver the dumbbells in shut for slightly extra of the shoulder squeeze. As you get into these heavier dumbbells, it’s going to be type of laborious to try this. It’s going to scale back that vary of movement.”

As for the underside portion of the rep, some individuals could desire to let the dumbbells contact the shoulders. That is acceptable, however Baye prefers to cease simply wanting that time in order that the higher arms are parallel with the ground. So long as there’s a lengthy vary of movement as he demonstrates, the motion will yield the specified outcomes.

Widespread Errors

As with different actions on this collection, Baye advises in opposition to going too heavy. Controlling the burden you’re utilizing is paramount. Different errors that ought to be averted are dumping the burden on the prime of the rep behind you or to the aspect in addition to shortchanging the reps. “Utilizing a weight that you could management and going by way of a full vary of movement is essential.” Baye suggests utilizing a weight that you could carry out eight to 12 reps with whereas sustaining correct kind.

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