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Are Behind-The-Neck Presses Protected?

Regardless of being utilized by icons from completely different sects of the lifting group, comparable to Arnold Schwarzenegger, four-time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas, and world champion Olympic lifter Dimitri Klokov, the behind-the-neck-press remains to be shunned by the plenty.

Many individuals assume lifting a loaded barbell behind your head is asking for a shoulder harm, however like most workout routines, whether or not or not you’ll be able to or ought to do them isn’t a “sure” or “no” reply—it relies upon.

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The Behind-the-Neck Press’ Downfall

It’s exhausting to pinpoint precisely when the behind-the-neck press went from a health club staple to a stigma. Many bodybuilders used it within the Nineteen Fifties as much as and thru the Golden Period.

Lookup the picture on Google and also you’ll discover photographs of Arnold, Serge Nubret, and Franco Columbu all performing the transfer. Within the 1980’s, after Pumping Iron introduced health club tradition into the mainstream, extra lay people started to affix the health club.

That’s a superb factor, however as extra freshmen flooded the health club, extra superior workout routines—just like the behind-the-neck press—grew to become rarities among the many mainstream.

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Why the Behind-the-Neck Press Was Phased Out

Misinformation and poor utility had been the train’s downfall.

Most folk don’t totally understand what the shoulder joint is able to. However being a ball and socket joint, your shoulder is probably the most cellular joint in your physique.

Nevertheless, if in case you have a restricted vary of movement or a recurring harm, then behind-the-neck presses aren’t the best choice. They require a full vary of movement, and subsequently gained’t be comfy to carry out.

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Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Its unfavorable status is fake as a result of the very fact is that some people have the mobility to press a barbell from behind their head and a few don’t.

In case you possess wholesome shoulders and a full vary of movement, then congratulations—you can begin performing gentle behind-the-neck presses and construct as much as heavy units over time.

How heavy? Paul Carter of can press 365 kilos, ache free, behind his neck.

“The massive fuss in opposition to [behind-the-neck presses] is about impingement however that’s a much more difficult and individualistic subject than most individuals understand,” Carter says. He argues that Olympic lifts, primarily the snatch, put you in the identical place and that these athletes don’t have main issues.

“I don’t see Olympic lifters complaining about shoulder ache. In case you don’t have the mobility to do the press behind the neck, then don’t. However it’s not the boogieman folks make it out to be,” he says. “Loads of folks blow out their shoulders from the usual bench press, however I don’t see anybody shying away from benching each Monday.”

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Find out how to Behind-the-Neck Press Correctly

1. Begin with a light-weight barbell resting throughout your traps, as for those who’re about to squat.

2. Place your fingers barely wider than shoulder-width. You can begin together with your pinkies within the ring of the knurling (the tough a part of the barbell) and modify your fingers from there.

3. Tuck your elbows in after which press the bar straight up till your elbows are totally prolonged.

4. Decrease the bar again down slowly.

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