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Does Folic Acid Assist You Lose Weight?

Folic acid, additionally referred to as folate or vitamin B9, is present in darkish inexperienced greens, complete grains, legumes, root greens, milk and seeds.  Folic acid’s most important affiliation might be with being pregnant and delivery defects.  In 1998, grain merchandise started being fortified with folic acid to assist decrease the chance of delivery defects.

One among folic acid’s roles within the physique is making new DNA, RNA and new cells within the physique.

Throughout being pregnant, this course of is extraordinarily elevated, so having sufficient folic acid throughout being pregnant is vital for the child’s well being.

Folic acid has many different features within the physique, however helps with weight reduction one in every of them?

Capabilities of folic acid

In addition to serving to to type new cells within the physique, folic acid can be particularly used for making new pink blood cells.  So, like iron and different vitamins, a deficiency in folic acid can result in anemia.

Folic acid, B6 and B12 additionally assist decrease homocysteine ranges within the blood.  Excessive ranges of homocysteine can improve danger for heart problems.

One other vital perform of folic acid pertains to mind well being. Low ranges of folic acid within the blood and excessive ranges of homocysteine are related to poor cognitive well being.

Folic acid helps to maintain omega 3 metabolites within the blood, which is useful for cognitive perform.  Having larger ranges of folic acid and omega 3’s within the blood might be advantageous for cognitive well being and reducing danger for dementia and despair.

All B nutritional vitamins have a job in serving to the physique break down carbohydrates and fats for power.  They’re thought-about coenzymes; they assist “activate” enzymes wanted for metabolic processes.

Dangers of not getting sufficient

Some signs of not getting sufficient folic acid can embody: lack of urge for food, irritation of the tongue, low urge for food, low power, psychological fog or diarrhea.  Not getting sufficient folate may result in megaloblastic anemia.

The chance for not getting sufficient folate for pregnant ladies are an elevated danger for delivery defects.

Individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), celiac illness or different issues that have an effect on nutrient absorption could also be in danger for not absorbing sufficient folate.  Alcohol may intrude with folic acid absorption.

Does folic acid assist with weight reduction?

There’s not robust proof to counsel taking folic acid will make it easier to drop some weight.  There are MANY elements that impression weight regulation and metabolism.

If you happen to begin to take a folic acid complement, vital weight reduction in all probability gained’t occur simply since you’re getting a dose of folic acid.

In case you are poor in folate and begin to get extra in your eating regimen or by way of a complement, you might reverse any signs you had that impression your power stage.

On this case, getting extra folate to reverse low power attributable to folate poor anemia may assist with weight reduction as a result of now you’ll have extra power to maneuver extra.

That’s in all probability not the norm for most individuals although.

Typically B nutritional vitamins are added in actually excessive quantities to weight reduction dietary supplements or power drinks as a result of they’re used for breaking down carbohydrates and fats for power.

Nevertheless, simply since you get a extremely excessive dose of B nutritional vitamins doesn’t imply your metabolism will rev up.

What is going to in all probability occur is your physique will excrete the additional B nutritional vitamins your physique doesn’t want at the moment.

B nutritional vitamins are water soluble and aren’t readily saved within the physique, so they’re excreted by way of urine.

Is there any hazard for getting an excessive amount of folic acid?

Getting an excessive amount of folic acid from meals is mostly not a priority.  The RDA consumption for women and men above 19 years is 400 µg and for pregnant ladies it’s 600 µg.

In case you are occupied with taking a folic acid complement, seek the advice of your physician first particularly in case you are on remedy.  Folic acid complement could work together with sure dietary supplements.

Taking a complement over 800 µg might be a priority for masking a vitamin B12 deficiency which may have an effect on the nervous system.


Folic acid is vital for a lot of causes.  It has a job in breaking down carbohydrates and fat for power, lowers the homocysteine stage within the blood, it makes new DNA and it’s wanted to type new cells within the physique particularly pink blood cells.

It performs an vital function throughout being pregnant, and pregnant ladies ought to make sure that they’re getting sufficient folate.  Folate is present in leafy greens, fruits, complete grains, legumes and milk.  Additionally it is fortified in lots of processed grains.

There isn’t a robust connection between folic acid and weight reduction.  All nutritional vitamins and minerals are vital for general well being, and all B nutritional vitamins are vital for metabolic processes.  Simply because a weight reduction complement or power drink has excessive ranges of B nutritional vitamins doesn’t imply that can improve metabolic charge.

The ample stage of folate may be discovered from dietary sources for most individuals.  Earlier than taking a complement, speak along with your doctor as a result of a folic acid complement may intrude with sure medicines.

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