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Easy methods to Use the SkiErg for Energy, Endurance, and Weight Loss

You’re accustomed to the usual cardio gamers—the treadmill (each motorized and nonmotorized); the spin, recumbent, and Airdyne bikes; and the StairMaster—however we’d wish to introduce you to a lesser-known member of the roster: the SkiErg. 

Launched by Concept2 (the identical firm that invented the favored Concept2 Rower, or Erg) in 2009, the SkiErg emulates the double-pole method utilized by Nordic skiers. The person stands in entrance of the towerlike machine and grabs a deal with in every hand. Then he makes use of his full physique to tug the “poles” down earlier than butterflying his arms again as much as easily transition into one other rep. The result’s an upper-body-heavy cardio sesh that’s straightforward on the joints and, in response to Equinox coach Dan Daly, C.S.C.S., promotes postural well being.

“The SkiErg can encourage tall lengthy posture with the overhead attain, adopted by a deep sit into the hips,” says Daly, who additionally notes that the person ought to begin to adapt to the unfamiliar mechanics of the machine in two weeks. 

If in case you have entry to a SkiErg, then learn up on how you can put it to use three other ways. 

Coaching defined

Daly has outlined three exercises, all geared towards a special aim. You may sub in any of the protocols for one in every of your regular cardio exercises, or Daly suggests taking a extra regimented strategy. 

“Ideally, rookies ought to begin with the steady-state protocol, transfer into the edge exercise, after which cap off this system with the HIIT routine,” explains Daly, who recommends doing the identical exercise twice per week for 4 weeks earlier than transferring on to the following.

So that you’d do two steady-state periods per week for 4 weeks. Then you definately’ll repeat that schedule two extra instances: as soon as with the edge routine after which as soon as with the HIIT protocol.


The Lowdown: “This protocol improves an exerciser’s peak cardi­vascular and energy output,” Daly says. “It’s used to develop sprinting velocity, and it’s an environment friendly solution to enhance fats loss.”

Do it: After a 5-minute warmup, carry out a tough 10-second dash adopted by 45 seconds of relaxation. Repeat 10 instances. Examine your wattage— or energy output—displayed on the display for every dash and discover your common. Goal to enhance that over the course of 4 weeks.  

Threshold Energy

The Lowdown: “The space and depth you’ll row throughout this protocol translate fairly properly to most sports activities,” Daly explains. “It will increase your capability to maintain repetitive efforts of submaximal energy and improves the physique’s capability to buffer lactate and anaerobic waste.” 

Do it: Heat up for five minutes by rowing at a average tempo. Then carry out a 3-minute bout of strenuous rowing, adopted by 1 minute of relaxation. Repeat  5 instances. Document your common 500-meter tempo for every set (proven on the SkiErg’s show display) and discover the common. Goal to lower that cycle over 4 weeks.

Regular State

The Lowdown: “It will allow you to develop correct method, whereas enhancing your physique’s capability to make use of fats for gasoline, enhance your endurance, and reduce your resting coronary heart charge and blood strain,” Daly says.

Do it: Merely row for 20 minutes and document your distance. The aim is to extend distance lined by the top of 4 weeks.

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