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Have Individuals Ever Actually Eaten Tapeworms for Weight Loss?

A tapeworm is like one thing out of a horror film. It is a wiggly, creepy wanting, ribbon-shaped creature that lives inside its host, absorbing vitamins and laying hundreds of thousands of eggs. They’ll attain 80 ft (25 meters) or extra in size and dwell in a number for as much as 30 years [source: Mayo Clinic]. And if the concept of getting a worm residing within you does not have you ever shuddering in revulsion, simply wait till you hear how they reproduce.

Happily, the typical individual residing within the developed world is not prone to wind up with a tapeworm an infection, because it’s strongly linked to poor sanitation practices each on a private and societal degree. Individuals with subpar hand washing and bathing practices usually tend to switch contaminated fecal matter to the mouth, as are these people who find themselves uncovered to livestock and dwell in areas that lack correct animal and human feces disposal strategies. Ingesting undercooked or uncooked meats additionally put individuals in danger as a result of any tapeworm eggs current within the meals does not get killed off through the meals preparation course of, so that you may wish to take a beat to contemplate whether or not you actually need that steak uncommon, or not [source: Mayo Clinic].

Regardless of the acute "gross" issue of tapeworms, it has been advised that buying one deliberately could be a comparatively easy solution to reduce weight. In actual fact, tapeworm drugs could have been offered as weight-loss aids prior to now. In some methods, it appears to make a certain quantity of sense – that’s, if you will get previous the gross-out issue. If a tapeworm is absorbing your physique’s vitamins and energy, you possibly can eat all you need and benefit from the style. Then the worm diverts all of it earlier than it hits your waistline, proper?

We’ll see about that! Truly, there are many rumors and myths surrounding tapeworms, so we will untangle this weird thriller. How do you get a tapeworm, anyway? After you have one, how does it come out? Did a legendary opera singer lose her girth (and a few say, her voice) by deliberately ingesting a tapeworm? Additionally, how a lot weight can a tapeworm actually show you how to lose?


  1. How Do You Get a Tapeworm In Your Physique?
  2. Tapeworm Signs and Prevention
  3. Weight Loss and Different Tapeworm Myths

How Do You Get a Tapeworm In Your Physique?

tapeworm engraving

This 1882 engraving reveals a pork tapeworm in Fig. 1: a. Scolex (head), b. Proglottids (physique segments); Fug. 2: Egg (Taenia solium), a. outer, b. heart, c. inside shell, d. embryo with six hooks; Different tapeworms are depicted in the remainder of the drawings. ZU_09/Getty Photographs

Attempt to repackage it as a food plan support all you need, however a tapeworm is a parasite by and thru. It obtains all its vitamins from the digestive system of its host animal. However this is a wierd reality – a tapeworm does not actually have a digestive system of its personal. It absorbs vitamins (largely carbohydrates and sugars) which have already been partially damaged down by the host’s digestive system [source: Zimmer].

An grownup tapeworm lives contained in the intestines of the host animal, which may very well be a pig, cow, canine, sheep, fish or perhaps a human. Completely different species of worm choose totally different hosts, though most can infect a number of several types of animals. On the high of the worm is the top, known as the scolex. The scolex has suckers or hooks that it makes use of to connect to the intestinal wall. With out this function, the peristaltic motion within the host’s intestines – the rhythmic muscular contractions that transfer materials by the digestive tract – would push the worm out. Under the scolex is the neck. The remainder of the worm’s physique buds off of the neck [source:].

Right here the place it begins to get actually creepy. The tapeworm’s physique, known as the strobila, is made up of many segments, typically 1000’s. Every particular person phase is named a proglottid (pronounced proh-GLAH-tuhd). A proglottid is both male or feminine. The segments closest to the neck are largely male and produce sperm. Segments farther alongside the physique are feminine and are principally egg sacks. A tapeworm can produce hundreds of thousands of fertilized eggs. In actual fact, every particular person physique phase is house to about 100,000 eggs [source: Bradford].

Proglottids often break off from the worm and are handed out of the host together with feces. Nevertheless, every proglottid has purposeful muscle tissue, permitting it to crawl. Typically, a indifferent proglottid will crawl out of the host by the anus. Extra typically, a proglottid crawls away from the pile of fecal matter left by the host, rising the probabilities that it will likely be eaten by a unique animal. Ultimately, the proglottid disintegrates, abandoning the eggs.

When the eggs are eaten by an herbivore, they’re "hatched" by the circumstances inside this intermediate host’s digestive system. The larval stage, generally known as a hexacanth, makes use of hooks to burrow by the host’s intestinal partitions to succeed in the bloodstream. There, it turns right into a scolex and kinds a cyst. The ensuing situation is named cysticercosis. Pigs, cows and sheep are mostly contaminated. People can act as an intermediate host for the pig-born species of tapeworm, and due to this fact can contract cysticercosis [source: Pearson]. We’ll get again to the horrors of cysticercosis in a minute.

As soon as the cysts kind, the parasite merely waits throughout the host. When the host animal dies, the meat could also be eaten by different animals (or by people) uncooked or undercooked. The ingested cysts move into the first host’s digestive system, the place the scolex attaches to the gut wall and the entire cycle begins once more.

As soon as an individual has a tapeworm, they’re formally saddled with a parasitic an infection generally known as "human taeniasis." By itself, human taeniasis is not such a giant deal, as it’s typically asymptomatic. Nevertheless, it may become cysticercosis, the situation ensuing from tapeworm hexacanths burrowing their manner into your bloodstream, which is decidedly not nice. The cysts can find yourself just about wherever in your physique, together with in your eyes or your mind. The cysts typically develop, and so they inflame the encircling tissue. The ensuing strain could cause momentary signs or everlasting harm, together with blindness, mind harm and even dying in some excessive circumstances. In growing international locations it is thought-about to be the principle reason for adult-onset seizures, and is much extra prone to occur to people who find themselves residing with somebody who has a tapeworm already [sources: CDC, CDC].

Tapeworms may wreak digestive havoc in the event that they get actually huge and block the appendix, bile ducts or pancreatic ducts. Tapeworm cysts may develop inside organs just like the lungs and liver, and in the event that they get giant sufficient they’re going to disrupt the functioning of mentioned organs. Often, one in every of these cysts will even rupture, which might trigger itching, hives, hassle respiration and swelling not not like a extreme allergic response [source: Mayo Clinic].

Tapeworm Signs and Prevention

head of pork tapework=m

This tapeworm scolex reveals the suckers and hooks it makes use of to connect to the gut wall. Michael J. Klein, M.D./Getty Photographs

Let’s assume that, after studying all of this, you’ve got determined towards deliberately buying a tapeworm. How are you going to stop them? First, observe wonderful hygiene by completely washing fingers with cleaning soap and heat water after each lavatory go to and earlier than dealing with or consuming meals. Doing so will enormously decrease your possibilities of turning into an unwitting host.

The excellent news is that, in america a minimum of, inspection of meat retains tapeworms out of the meals provide. You apparently can see the cysts within the meat if you understand what to search for. As well as, completely freezing meat at minus 31 levels Fahrenheit (-35 levels Celsius) for 10 days will kill any parasites [source: Mayo Clinic].

Additionally, for those who’re cooking meat resist the urge to make it uncommon and as an alternative prepare dinner to a protected temperature to successfully kill larvae and eggs. All the time use a meals thermometer, and for entire cuts of meat (not poultry, although) prepare dinner to a minimal of 145 levels Fahrenheit (63 levels Celsius), ensuring to let it "relaxation" for a minimum of three minutes earlier than reducing. This resting interval (the place the meat is off the fireplace however not but carved) will kill off pathogens. Floor meats also needs to be cooked fastidiously, to a temp of 160 levels Fahrenheit (71 levels Celsius) however do not require a resting interval [source: CDC].

For those who’re touring to or residing in a growing space of the world, take further precautions by utilizing protected water to completely wash and prepare dinner veggies and fruits. For those who’re undecided concerning the water high quality boil it for a minute and permit to chill. Additionally, keep away from contact with animal and human feces by ensuring they’re correctly disposed of, significantly in a livestock-relevant state of affairs.

Tapeworm infections typically give off no signs, however for those who discover weak point, nausea, stomach ache, diarrhea, dizziness, lack of urge for food, weight reduction and salt craving it is value a go to to the physician to be assessed for doable intestinal an infection. Normally a stool pattern shall be checked for tapeworm segments or eggs. Indicators of a extra critical, invasive an infection embody complications, allergic response, seizures, different neurological signs and cystic lumps [source: Mayo Clinic].

Ideally, such an occasion shall be caught lengthy earlier than it will get too critical, when it may be rapidly dealt with by a single dose of niclosamide or praziquantel, anti-worm drugs, which is able to kill the parasite by forcing all its muscle tissue to completely contract. The tapeworm will then go away your physique alongside along with your feces [source: CDC]. Extreme circumstances could require surgical procedure.

Weight Loss and Different Tapeworm Myths

Maria Callas

Opera singer Maria Callas was falsely rumored to have misplaced 60 kilos on a tapeworm food plan. Erich Auerbach/Getty Photographs

There are a couple of tapeworm legends floating round along with the weight-loss one, so let’s clear a few of these up first. One is you could do away with a tapeworm by coaxing it out with a bowl of milk and cookies positioned close to your mouth. Not true. A tapeworm shouldn’t be Santa Claus, and never solely does it dwell in your gut – with a abdomen and esophagus between it and something close to your mouth – but it surely does not even have any sensory organs that might enable it to detect the presence of meals. Bear in mind, it is a quite simple creature. It will possibly’t scent or see. This is similar motive that placing some attractive meals close to the opposite finish of your digestive tract will not draw out a tapeworm both. In case you have a tapeworm, merely take your tablet and let nature take its course.

Opera singer Maria Callas was rumored to have used a tapeworm to attain a outstanding lack of weight within the mid-Nineteen Fifties. She did, in reality, lose greater than 60 kilos (27 kilograms) over a number of months. She was additionally identified to have contracted a tapeworm in some unspecified time in the future in her life. Nevertheless, the 2 incidents are most likely unconnected. Callas loved uncommon steak, so she most likely received her tapeworm unintentionally. These two points of her life had been jumbled right into a persistent rumor.

There may be proof of promoting, from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, hawking "sanitized tapeworms" to assist ladies preserve a slim determine. Whether or not the drugs offered really contained tapeworms or whether or not ladies really ingested them hoping to amass a tapeworm is troublesome to confirm. Such a tablet would seemingly include the cyst a part of the tapeworm’s life cycle, however one would think about that cultivating a big provide of those would make for a reasonably disagreeable day’s work. It appears unlikely, however there’s additionally likelihood that someplace within the lengthy, unusual historical past of humanity, somebody someplace did attempt utilizing a tapeworm to reduce weight. So, the reply to the query, "Did it occur?" is most certainly sure, but it surely was most likely by no means widespread [source: Mikkelson].

That leaves us with only a few extra attention-grabbing questions. What occurs to your physique when you might have a tapeworm? Do the kilos simply soften away? Are you able to stuff your face with all method of scrumptious, unhealthy meals and get off consequence-free? Properly, not precisely. For one factor, tapeworms should not giant sufficient to soak up all of the energy a human takes in. In case your food plan is already restricted, the tapeworm may steal sufficient from you to trigger malnutrition, or it’ll trigger you to eat extra. For those who’re chowing down on carbs, each you and the tapeworm will most likely pack on the kilos. Typically, a tapeworm an infection is totally symptom-free. In actual fact, you may by no means know you might have one till a proglottid makes its presence identified in your bathroom.

Some tapeworm hosts do endure from intestinal discomfort or diarrhea. And a few additionally expertise diminished urge for food, which may result in weight reduction. Nevertheless, we are able to guarantee you that merely studying about tapeworms could cause the same lack of urge for food, so extra drastic measures may not be obligatory. However even when a tapeworm did trim some kilos, it nonetheless would not be a great way to reduce weight.

For most individuals, the purpose of reducing weight is to look higher. Nevertheless, as a tapeworm steals sure nutritional vitamins out of your physique, notably vitamin B12, you may endure in poor health well being attributable to a scarcity of these vitamins. Certain, you may slim down, however nobody goes to be impressed along with your sickly look. If that weren’t sufficient, there’s all the time ascites. Ascites is a situation wherein the physique’s immune response to a parasitic an infection results in a build-up of fluid within the stomach cavity. This manifests itself bodily as a swollen, distended stomach. Not precisely the supposed results of a tapeworm food plan plan [source: Wells].

And do not forget about good outdated cysticercosis, with the mind harm, blindness and doable dying. Given this data, we predict it is protected to say that for those who actually wish to lose some weight, eat much less and experience your bike.

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