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Is Popcorn Good for You?

Popcorn might be thought of good for you, and it has even been referred to as an ideal snack meals. Popcorn is a complete grain, so it’s excessive in fiber together with offering a supply of antioxidants and hint quantities of many nutritional vitamins and minerals.

After all not all popcorn is created equal; butter and salt wealthy popcorn, reminiscent of from film theaters, might be very excessive in energy. There’s additionally some concern with microwave popcorn, as it will probably have added artificial chemical substances and unhealthy oils.

For the healthiest possibility, pop your personal popcorn. Attempt utilizing coconut oil rather than butter and restrict the quantity of salt used.

Popcorn well being advantages

Possibly one of the stunning well being advantages of popcorn is its excessive antioxidant worth. Fruits, greens and spices are well-known to be excessive in antioxidants, however popcorn incorporates the next quantity per weight than some vegatables and fruits.

Analysis from Dr. Vinson of College of Scranton in Pennsylvania suggests {that a} serving of air popped popcorn can comprise as much as 300 milligrams of antioxidants. This quantity equals roughly 13% of common consumption of polyphenol antioxidants for a mean grownup.

The a part of the popcorn that has the very best antioxidant worth is the outer layer referred to as the hull which is the half that normally will get caught in folks’s tooth. One other advantage of the antioxidants from popcorn is that heating the popcorn doesn’t have an effect on the antioxidant stage.

Popcorn doesn’t considerably contribute different nutritional vitamins and minerals to the food regimen, however popcorn is a supply of hint quantities of many vitamins together with B nutritional vitamins, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Popcorn is a Complete grain

One other advantage of popcorn is that it’s naturally low in energy when it’s air popped. Popcorn is a complete grain, and due to it is a supply of fiber. You may eat a big quantity of air popped popcorn, get some fiber and really feel happy for a low quantity of power.

Many well being associations suggest to eat at the least half your grain consumption as complete grains. Complete grains, like popcorn, present the physique with fiber that’s helpful for digestive tract well being.

Is popcorn wholesome for weight reduction?

After all, popcorn is just not at all times thought of good for you. Every time popcorn is closely wearing butter, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and/or salt, the dietary worth declines. Home made popcorn would be the healthiest path to go as a result of you may management what you add to the popcorn kernels.

As a substitute of including salt, attempt including different herbs and seasonings to present some taste to popcorn and enhance the antioxidant content material much more.

For instance, attempt including cinnamon and nutmeg for a candy taste or including dietary yeast for a vegetarian tacky style that may also offer you a lift of B nutritional vitamins. If you would like a spicy kick, add a splash of chili powder to the kernels.

Frivolously drizzle olive or coconut oil when you find yourself making it at dwelling as a substitute of utilizing microwave popcorn that has added hydrogenated oils.

Conventional movie show popcorn can simply have about 700 energy for a small container and over 1,000 energy for a medium or massive container of popcorn. Evaluate that to air popped popcorn which has about 31 energy per cup.

Substitute with unhealthier snacks

Make a more healthy change by changing snacks like crackers, cookies or chips with selfmade popcorn. This can reduce down on the energy, saturated fats, preservatives and improve the fiber and antioxidants.

Despite the fact that popcorn is an effective supply of antioxidants, well being professionals are fast to counsel that popcorn shouldn’t exchange consuming vegatables and fruits. Vegetables and fruit have many different dietary advantages that shouldn’t be over appeared.

How a lot popcorn?

Are you able to get an excessive amount of of an excellent factor with popcorn? Whether it is made with heavy oils or fat then as talked about above that would negatively affect well being. If you’re consuming selfmade, air popped popcorn, the beneficial quantity is about 4 cups.

Despite the fact that popcorn is a supply of antioxidants, consuming a big selection of meals is at all times greatest. Popcorn is low in lots of nutritional vitamins in minerals that different meals are excessive in; add in variety of your food regimen by consuming a wide range of proteins, fiber and coronary heart wholesome fat.


Popcorn is a complete grain, and when it’s popped with a little bit coronary heart wholesome oil or with air generally is a wholesome a part of a food regimen. Popcorn is excessive in antioxidants and is a supply of fiber. It’s naturally low in energy and likewise incorporates hint quantities of some nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Keep away from popcorn that’s made with heavy oils, like movie show popcorn. Microwave popcorn will also be a supply of synthetic preservatives and hydrogenated oils. Pop popcorn at dwelling with an air popper or in a paper bag with a drizzle of oil.

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