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What's the Worst Fad Food plan Ever?

Fad diets are simply that — fads. A fad eating regimen seems in a e book with a promising title, makes the media rounds, and finally fades into obscurity. Why do these diets disappear? Purpose one — that is how fads work (Pet Rock, anybody?). Purpose two — fad diets simply do not achieve the long run. In truth, they are often downright dangerous to your well being.

Fad diets are usually low-calorie regimens or require fasting for a set interval, leading to speedy weight reduction or, as many diets put it, "detox." Sadly, speedy weight reduction is traumatic to your physique, and in the event you do it repeatedly, you set your self in danger for:

  • Slower metabolism (which implies future weight achieve)
  • Weakened immune system
  • Coronary heart issues
  • Dehydration

As for detoxifying the physique, your physique is already designed to get rid of waste. A detox eating regimen solely robs it of vitamins [source: Miller].

However some diets are worse than others. Which one takes high honors for the worst of the worst? Let’s have a look.

  • The Vinegar Food plan. Within the 1820s, folks drank vinegar to drop a few pounds. Why? As a result of it gave them diarrhea and vomiting. Profitable, sure. Protected? No.
  • Chewing and Spitting Out. By chewing your meals however not swallowing, you get to style good meals and nonetheless drop a few pounds. What you aren’t getting is any diet.
  • The Sleeping Magnificence Food plan. With the idea you can’t eat in the event you’re sleeping, folks would closely sedate themselves and sleep for days.
  • The Prolinn Food plan. A physician named Roger Linn advocated consuming nothing besides his 400-calorie per day drink (with no vitamins). Fifty-eight folks suffered coronary heart assaults [source: Greene].
  • Breatharian Food plan. Breatharians declare they’ll survive on nothing however air, after turning into one with the universe. To this point, we’ve not seen a hit story with this one.
  • The Cotton Ball Food plan. Consuming cotton balls — sure, cotton balls — earlier than a meal is meant to fill you up so that you eat much less.
  • The Twinkie Food plan. Since Twinkies solely have 150 energy, you’ll be able to eat as much as 10 a day. We dare you.

However the grand prize winner, the trophy holder, and the very best in present of the worst fad eating regimen ever? No contest.

The Tapeworm Food plan is precisely what it feels like, though whether or not many individuals have really undertaken the eating regimen is in query. As seen in advertisements from as early because the nineteenth century, dieters willingly ingest a tapeworm to eat any meals coming down the pipe. Sure, you won’t achieve a pound, however you could possibly additionally develop critical dietary deficiencies and organ infections. Or, , die. You may be happy to know it is now unlawful in the US to import or promote tapeworms.

If you happen to actually need to lose some weight, put down the tapeworm, the cotton ball — and the vinegar. Food plan and train are scientifically confirmed — and positively not as gross.

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