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Yoga for Weight Loss: Poses and Positions

In case your main function for exercising is to reduce weight, yoga might not be the primary exercise you’d think about. Minute for minute, you may actually burn much more energy with a fast-paced, cardiovascular sport like operating or kickboxing, a boot camp class, or perhaps a strength-training routine that includes heavy weights and plenty of reps.

However finally, the kind of train that is going that can assist you reduce weight is the sort that you just’re truly going to do. When you get pleasure from yoga, maintaining a daily follow may help you slim down, due to each its calorie-burning potential and the distinctive approach it may possibly join the thoughts with the physique, serving to you to make smarter selections — and burn extra fats — off the mat, in addition to on.

"It is all about mindfulness and being conscious of your physique," says Colleen Saidman Yee, a Lengthy Island-based yoga teacher. "When you eat an enormous greasy meal proper earlier than yoga class, you are going to really feel it if you’re twisting and stretching." Life coach and yoga teacher Sophie Herbert agrees: "Yoga helps you construct confidence in your physique, as you see your self bettering and gaining power and stability that you did not have earlier than. It actually makes you need to handle it so you’ll carry out on the highest stage."

Analysis helps this concept, too: In 2009, Fred Hutchinson Most cancers Analysis Heart revealed a examine by which individuals who follow yoga recurrently misplaced about 5 kilos, whereas their non-yogi counterparts gained about 14. The authors concluded that the yoga group was extra aware about their meals, consuming solely once they had been hungry and stopping once they had been full. [Source:]

Saidman Yee, who created the Gaiam DVD "Yoga for Weight Loss," says the perfect yoga postures for weight reduction are those that get your coronary heart price up, that work your core, and that promote wholesome sleep — one other essential side for anybody who desires to drop a number of kilos. A routine that comes with these parts, together with respiration and stress-reduction strategies, will provide any yogi a holistic and well-balanced method to slimming down.

3 Nice Yoga Routines for Weight Loss

Solar Salutations

This is not only one transfer; it is truly a sequence of a number of postures that takes you from a standing place all the way down to the mat and again up. Solar salutations are an ideal newbie routine to get your coronary heart price up and to work your core and higher physique muscle tissues, says Saidman Yee. There are numerous variations for solar salutations, however a fundamental one may observe this sequence:

  • Begin in Mountain Pose, reaching your arms overhead.
  • Dive ahead right into a Standing Ahead Bend, hinging on the hips and reaching towards the bottom.
  • Plant your palms on the bottom and step or hop again into Plank Pose.
  • Decrease midway, as in case you had been doing a push-up, to Chaturanga.
  • Roll over the tops of your ft and straighten your arms into Upward Going through Canine.
  • Tuck your toes and push your hips again to Downward Going through Canine.
  • Step or hop to the entrance of your mat and roll as much as Mountain Pose, repeating the sequence from the start.

Solar salutations usually embody lunges and balancing postures, like Warrior I, II, and III, that can construct power and enable you work up a sweat, as nicely. Saidman additionally suggests warming up by standing in Mountain Pose and windmilling your arms in several instructions; not solely will it loosen you up, however it is going to additionally enhance your coronary heart price, too.

Stomach Work

"Yoga may help you reduce weight throughout, however I feel it is notably good at serving to to agency up the muscle tissues of the core," says Herbert. She recommends incorporating strikes that require stomach contractions — like Aspect Plank, Boat Pose, and Dolphin Plank Pose — but additionally mini backbends that stretch and stimulate the stomach organs, like Locust and Sphinx Pose.

Sleep-Inducing Postures

Restorative, stress-free poses — particularly once they’re practiced at night time — may help you get night time’s sleep. That is important for anybody who desires to reduce weight, for the reason that physique can’t burn fats as effectively when it is sleep disadvantaged. (To not point out, the physique additionally craves junk meals if you’re drained) Saidman recommends Standing and Seated Ahead Bends, Legs Up the Wall, Plow Pose, and Supported Headstand or Shoulderstand to get you ready for mattress.

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